About Us

At RCA, we want to create an identity for Rockcliffe,  to further develop the sense of community that many residents already enjoy and to improve the area for all residents, workers and visitors.  We also have a heart to draw in members of the community who would not normally want to attend such meetings to represent the whole community and support vulnerable members of the local area.


We aim to involve and consult with as many people as we can in the Rockcliffe area to understand what the people of Rockcliffe would like to change, improve or enjoy more of. The idea is we can work as a community to action the ideas people want to see happen. We have started to work on a set of objectives which will evolve as we receive peoples feedback.

Rockcliffe Community Association Objectives

Rockcliffe Community Association aims to;

Encourage community involvement in all we do to improve the area

  • Carrying out community consultations and develop a community plan
  • Improve communications with the community – leaflets/newsletter/website/social media
  • Run community events that bring people together

Develop community cohesion by involving and representing all groups in the community

  • Work in partnership with other organisations and professionals
  • Meet with other community groups in the area and involve them in our work
  • Develop a youth committee (do you also want to explore having an older persons rep for example)

Improve the neighbourhood by creating a safe, welcoming and attractive environment

  • liaise and develop partnerships with council officials and other agencies
  • develop plans with residents to improve the environment and green spaces
  • promote existing services and provision that people can use

Help local people by raising awareness of local issues and acting as an advocate for change

  • Represent people’s views to council officials and other agencies such as the police
  • Act as a point of contact for residents
  • Signpost residents to other groups, organisations and individuals

Create a sense of pride in the area

  • Carry out projects/activities that involve the community as volunteers
  • Undertake environmental improvements and keep the area tidy
  • Create a welcoming environment so groups and individuals can get involved